They're scattered all across downeast Maine, and they give folks who are either anchored at the office or at home for one reason or another a convenient and mostly beautiful vantage point of what our wonderful coastal areas of the state have to offer.

With these webcams one can watch boats coming and going, what the tourists are doing, and the best of worst of what Mother Nature has to offer. They're a welcomed relief to stressful situations and may even satisfy your desire for voyeurism or squelch your curiosity.

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They're owned by town governments and private businesses whom we highly recommend that you support or visit.  But most importantly, they give us more than a snapshot of the area that we're so fortunate to live in, and that those from New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York desire to visit.

Here Are The Webcams Of Downeast Maine

The General Stores Of Downeast Maine

These are the long-time general stores that are spread throughout downeast Maine. The stores that your grandparents picked up milk, beer, and that night's dinner at. For years they had been filled with things like fly paper, clothes, beef jerky, and that morning's newspaper. Now, you stop by for that slice of breakfast pizza, a tasty fried chicken sandwich for lunch, gas,and a handful of lottery tickets.

They're an important part of Maine's heritage, and their numbers are starting to dwindle. But we still frequent them to pick up the day's necessities and to keep up on town gossip.

They may not be owned by the original owners, and they may not look the same as they did years and years ago. But that same hometown feeling is there, the minute you set foot on their wooden floors. More than likely the same wooden floors that your grandparents set foot on.

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