The Hancock County Technical Center's Students and Staff at SkillsUSA had a busy and productive day on Wednesday in Atlanta. Here's the recap thanks to Meghan Stubbs!

Today HCTC had one single competitor and three teams compete. Spencer, Josh, and Grace competed in the Community Service competition, Issy, Callie, and Jess competed in Career Pathway Showcase: Human Services, Grace, Zoey, and Sam competed in Career Pathway Showcase: Health Science, and Brynn competed in Action Skills.

Also in the morning Michelle Cote was recognized at a breakfast for being the Outstanding Technical Educator of the year where Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happiness) spoke about the importance of what they’re doing.

Students also had some time to walk around the Techspo and pin trade. Later in the afternoon we found out that Brynn made call backs! This is a HUGE accomplishment and she will now present her microscope skills again tomorrow!

Tonight students attended the Champions Festival and enjoyed lots of pin trading! Josh, Spencer, and Mr. Tracy (welcome to ATL) instead went to the NBA draft party since the Atlanta Hawks had 1st round pick. (Spencer took time to roast me on my lack of knowledge when I said Georgia had the first pick).

Tomorrow the Career Pathway competitions will be open to the public and we can’t wait to see people visiting their booths! Olivia will be competing as well as Lexie. Brynn has her call backs!

Check out the photos from the day!

HCTC Students and Staff at SkillsUSA June 26

The HCTC Students and Staff had a busy and productive day in Atlanta on Wednesday, June 26th. Check out what they were up to!
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