Someone or some people spray painted graffiti in Bar Harbor on the side of the Stone Soup Building on Main Street in Bar Harbor. It is a derogatory message towards police, using the "F-word". It's sprayed in large red lettering.

I'm not posting the picture. You can imagine it. It just says 2 words. "F-word" Police.

Now, to quote my Facebook friend,

DISGUSTING!!!.... Came across this this morning on the side of Stone Soup while on my morning walk with my friend. How on earth does anyone think this helps George Floyd receive justice? This is nothing but vandalism to the owners of a cute little shop in Bar Harbor. What gives someone the right to write their thoughts on someone else's building? There is no question that all of the officers involved were wrong, and should be made accountable. Sadly, there are bad people in every profession who shouldn't be there. But to say "Fuck Cops"? No. Cops are the ones who during this pandemic, when many services have been pulled for special needs children DID go out to stop incidences of domestic violence and child abuse that have occurred during these past few months. Cops provide comfort and good counsel, and many right here on our island are directly accountable for women being able to safely leave abusive partners. There is no way this act has any value, and we hope the person who did it is found and made accountable.

I am hoping that if you are the person who wrote this, you go turn yourself in to the Bar Harbor Police and go scrub the paint off of Stone Soup. If you know who did this, please report it to the Bar Harbor Police Department. You can call them at (207) 288-3391 and report it anonymously if you want. Chances are the person or persons who did this were feeling "proud" and bragged about their criminal act.

Wrong shouldn't be the answer for wrong.

10 a.m update. Thanks to Jordan's Restaurant for sending Jim over to clean and paint over this graffiti.

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