Tomorrow Monday, August 14th is the 1st day of the Maine High School Fall Sport's Season. That means today and tonight is a time of nervous anticipation for many high school athletes.

Let me offer you a quick checklist to make sure you are ready for tomorrow!

  1. Do you have all your paperwork filled out? Have you registered online? Submitted your insurance information? Have everything signed by a parent or guardian? Have a physical submitted if required? Every year someone arrives at practice and can't compete because their paperwork isn't complete! Don't let that be you!
  2. Do you have everything laid out for tomorrow's practices? Have your sneakers, cleats, shin pads? Do you know where your mouth guard is? If you are playing football do you have your helmet? What about your water bottle... Do you know where it is?
  3. Speaking of water...It's a good idea to make sure you are hydrated today. Tomorrow is going to be muggy. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water!
  4. Have you set your alarm for Monday? Practices start early! Don't be on time. Remember the old saying if you are on time you are late! Be early for practice!
  5. Be a good teammate and be positive! Encourage your teammates. Sure you want to demonstrate your skill level to the coaches, but they're also looking for players with great attitudes. Help pick up after practice. Be vocal and be a leader. If it comes down to selecting 1 of 2 players for varsity and they're of equal ability, the coach is likely to select the player with the better attitude!
  6. Earn your position and playing time every practice. Start on Day 1!
  7. You're going to be sore after Day 1. Make sure you hydrate throughout Monday. Talk to your school's athletic trainer if you are hurting. Make sure if you are playing football and returning for double-sessions that you get something to eat after the morning session and if possible take a nap. Get ready to show your skills and earn your playing time in the afternoon practice.
  8. If you only have 1 practice, go to bed early Monday night, so you're ready for Day 2 on Tuesday!
  9. Have fun! Conditioning isn't the most fun thing you'll do, but high school sports ARE supposed to be fun! Practice Hard! Play Hard! Have a fun time!
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