It's looking more and more likely that "Sheldon" as he's been dubbed by Diana de los Santos the Animal Control Officer in Bar Harbor, has been abandoned. He was picked up at the Bar Harbor Public Safety Building last Thursday, October 20th, and no one has called the SPCA of Hancock County or Bar Harbor Police looking for him.

He is described as  about 8 yrs old, a neutered male with a disfigured right ear. He does have an ear infection, but he's being treated for that. His nails were ok EXCEPT for some crazy long double dew claws and he is lyme positive and being treated. Other blood work does not show anything out of the ordinary. He weighs about 45 pounds.

Diana has gone through the list of all the dogs licensed in Bar Harbor. She has called local vets, visited feed stores and nothing.

In the State of Maine, the law in regards to stray dogs is that the stray holding facility keeps them for 6 days. On the 7th day, the dog becomes the shelter's property if the owner does not  claim the dog.

Someone must know something! Please call Diana de los Santos at 207-461-2871 if you do. You can remain anonymous. Please if you need to give up "Sheldon" do it the right way, so the SPCA of Hancock County can know his history and then find a good home for him!