According to the blog, Acadia National Park on My Mind, five peregrine falcon chicks have fledged at nests at two sites in Acadia National Park this year, but for unknown reasons a nest failed at a third site that has yielded chicks in recent years.

Three peregrine falcon chicks fledged at the Precipice and two at Valley Cove. The nest failure occurred at Jordan Cliffs.

The chicks have been flying since July 1st. According to the blog, Park Rangers at Acadia National Park typically wait for about 3 weeks before reopening the trails in the nesting area, including the Precipice Trail. Last year that trail opened on July 29th. The Jordan Cliffs Trail, Valley Cove Trail, Precipice Trail and a portion of the Orange and Black Path were closed to the public on March 22nd, 2017

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