Fireballs from the sky!

This morning the the American Meteor Society has fielded over 120 sightings so far, of a giant fireball streaking across the sky in the Toronto area.  This past Tuesday night, over 700 reports came in from Virginia to Ontario, pertaining to the fireball pictured in the video above.

Are fireball sightings common in Maine?

Well, if you monitor the American Meteor Society's page, the short answer is yes.

Just this week, sightings have been reported from Swans Island, Auburn, Waterville, Biddeford, Poland and other towns. It's interesting to read what some folks had to say.

Last night (Thursday, 10/6/16) at 9:43, Mary from Waterville saw a fireball.  "I've never seen one before, it honestly looked like a small plane or explosion of some sort going to the ground but disappeared in seconds! I was driving on the highway, but as it passed I saw a trail it left behind. Looked at first like a plane was going down it was so bright and huge."

At 9:42PM, Bea from Scarborough saw the same thing.  "At first I thought it was a firework, but there was no noise and the angle (it appeared from where I was to be traveling basically parallel to the ground) wasn't right."

Dan in Auburn saw it too.  "It was a too brief, but amazing experience. I've definitely never seen anything like it! 😊 "

Have you ever seen a fireball over Maine?

Back on May 17th of this year, many people in Maine saw a huge fireball.  It was recorded by a police officer on patrol in Portland.