The Davenport University Cheering Team in Grand Rapids Michigan is going to have one of Ellsworth High School's best attending starting in the Fall of 2024.

Photo Angela Sawyer
Photo Angela Sawyer

On Wednesday, March 27th, Natalie Sawyer, surrounded by her teammates, the 2023-24 Maine Class B State Cheerleading Team and Coaches committed to attend Davidson University, NCAA Division 2 school.

Sawyer will participate on Davenport University's Cheer and Stunt teams.
She was on the Ellsworth Varsity Cheer team for 4 years and the team won back-to-back Class B State championships . She is also on 2 teams at Big 10 Cheer in Hermon and won the D2 summit and Runners up on her other teams.
She was hired by the NCA(national cheer association)to be a staff member this summer. She also was chosen to participate in the Maine Shriners Lobster Bowl Classic this summer.
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Angela Sawyer
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