On Friday afternoon, June 12, 2002 the Ellsworth High School Class of 2020 held a Diploma Ceremony where all members of the Class of 2020 walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. Over the previous 2 weeks, each member had come to the High School to officially receive their diploma. On Friday night, the virtual graduation was shown on the Ellsworth High School Facebook Page including the student speeches. Check out the video below, as well as photos from the diploma ceremony. Congratulations to all!

The Diploma Ceremony was broadcast live on WDEA AM 1370, on WDEA Internet Radio, on our free downloadable APP and on any Alexa enabled device

One of the best part of Ellsworth's graduation is when the teachers parade in their collegiate cap and gowns. That tradition continued Friday afternoon as the Ellsworth Teachers marched to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' "

Ellsworth High School 2020 March of Teachers

Members of the Class 2020

Brianna Abbott
Gabe Abeyasekera
Marissa Atwater
Jacob Austin
Rachel Barnes
Darby Barry
Zack Beckwith
Anothony Benoit
Hailey Blaczak
Ethan Boynton
Katelyn Brady
Jordyn Bray
Ian Brenner-Simpson
Ashton Brimhall
Anna Brown
Shannon Bryant
Aurora Burmeister
Chenell Campbell
Brooke Carver
Javen Clarke
Skylar Colson
Felicia Corbin
Tyler Corro
Conner Crawford
Jaden Cummings
Jackson Curtis
Genevieve Cutshell
Trevor Diagle
Tyson Decker
Carly Desmond
Austin Dyer
Lyla Dykeman
Danaee Felix
Caleb Fifield
Kolby Fish
Makayla Fishburn
Jeremy Fosket
Hunter Foss
Dylan Freeman
Elliott Gagnon Victor
Robert Garland
Aidan Goller
Logan Grass
Colby Hamilton
Tanner Hardison
Kolbe Hardy
Tucker Harrington
Austin Harris
Jenna Harris
Aurora Haslam
Marissa Harvey
Amelia Hayden
Stephanie Hazlett
Samuel Holler
Evelyn Howie
Adam Inman
Emily Jack
J'Von James
Beaudie Jipson
Lucas Jordan
Nicholas Kane
Michael Kazmierczak
Alicia Kelley
Amber Kennedy
Itsuki Langley
Alec Leathers
Tyler Lupo
Caitlin MacPherson
Seneca M-Wilbur
Julieannah Merritt
Mackenzie Mitchell
Trinity Montigny
Kristen Moseley
Evan Murray
Stephanie Newell
Erik Newman
Madelyn Nida
Lidia Paul
Bailey Peterson
Kylara Phelps
Deyan Rich
Taylor Richardson
Allison Robbins
Justice R-Bulter
Kevin Salisbury
Eden Salzig
Jack Sandone
Noah Scholes
Trevor Schultz
Makayla Seavey
Gage Shaw
Matthew Shea
Samantha Simmons
Brianna Simpson
Olivia SInclair
Raven Spinney
Jayden Strickland
Conner Taylor
Travis Thompson
Stephanie Trowbridge
Audrey Ward
Kevin Wark
Kyle Weathers Dorn
Lucas Wheeler
Ryan White
Emma Whitney
Breanna Wilbur
Roger Williams
Mitchell Wilson


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