Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School will return to In-Person Learning on Wednesday, November 10th, but they'll do so without a sizeable portion of the school's population who have to quarantine. There were 13 positive COVID cases

According to the letter that Superintendent Dan Higgins sent out to the community on Tuesday night, November 9th,

The contact tracing resulted in the identification of 122 students and 27 staff members as close contacts to the individuals who tested positive. Of the close contacts,47 students are required to fully quarantine for 10 days and 55 students will be able to attend school but are required to quarantine from community and co and extra-curricular activities as their exposure was classroom based, we have universal masking in place in our schools, and they are asymptomatic.

Students who participate in the pooled testing program who received a negative follow-up test and are asymptomatic are also permitted to participate in co and extra-curricular activities.

20 students and 27 staff members are fully vaccinated, asymptomatic and not required to quarantine

You can read the full letter HERE

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