We have posted Elf on a Shelf pictures on WDEA since 2012 thanks to my friend Carrie and her willingness to share her family and pictures of Marco and Henry. Earlier this month, I spoke with her about this coming year, and she thought that maybe Marco and Henry were going to be very low key, if they returned at all. I was prepared to post "Best Of Elf on a Shelf" because really, they are all "Best Of". But then this...

What do you do when your daughter writes such a note to Marco and Henry? So after talking with Carrie in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving she said I could post this. There will be some Marco and Henry pictures this year, but we will also post "Best Ofs" too.

If you are looking to do Elf on a Shelf with your family this year, I would encourage you to click here. We have 5 years of inspirational photos of Marco and Henry to give you ideas to make your Elf on a Shelf come alive. Whether you use these, or just move your Elf, there's nothing quite as magical as looking through the holidays through the eyes of a child or children.

My wish for you this Holiday Season is that you see Thanksgiving and Christmas through the eyes of a child, and can experience again the magic of the Holidays


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