I just received a short lesson in education funding in Maine, from Paula at the State Department of Education, who did an excellent job in trying to help me figure out what the State will be sending to municipalities, or in some cases, expecting the cities and towns to pay.

In looking at Ellsworth, things are a little complicated as the City of Ellsworth voted to pull out of the RSU, and now are being treated as their own entity. In fiscal year 2014 (which is now through June 30, 2014), the City of Ellsworth was expected to contribute $8,324,919.00 for its student's education. In fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015), they are expected to contribute $8,505,174.75. This is an increase of $180,255.75. This is due to a decrease in State Valuation of $5,225,000 and an increase of the mill expectation of .21

For island communities, where they receive no state contribution because of the high assessments, they do receive an adjustment for special education costs, and in FY 2014 that was 25%, and in FY it's increasing to 30%.

Bottom line, Bar Harbor who received $239,613.57 in 2014, will receive $257.349.03, an increase of $212,264.54. Southwest Harbor who received $127,448.41 in 2014, will receive $119,406.61 in 2015, $8041.80 less. Trenton, who received $223,762.08 in 2014 will receive $193,308.53 in 2015, $30,453.55 less. Trenton also receives money which was included in these numbers for minimum economically disadvantaged student adjustments.