At Wednesday, June 12th's special Bar Harbor Town Council Meeting, newly elected Jeff Dobbs was elected as Council Chair by a vote of 4-3.

Councilor Joe Minutolo nominated Councilor Gary Friedman. Councilor Erin Cough nominated Councilor Dobbs. After there were no more nominations, a motion to cease nominations was seconded and passed 7-0.  Councilors Dobbs, Cough, Councilor Steve Coston and Councilor Matthew Hochman voted for Dobbs while Councilors Friedman, Minutolo and Councilor Judy Noonan voted for Friedman.

Councilor Cough then nominated Councilor Hochman for Vice-Chair. There being no more nomination, a motion was made to cease nominations was seconded and passed 7-0. The vote was then unanimous 7-0 to elect Hochman as Vice-Chair.

By unanimous votes the following committee appointments were made

  • Appointments Committee - Councilors Cough, Friedman and Minutolo
  • Joint School Budget Advisory Committee - Councilors Coston and Hochman
  • Communication Technology Task Force - Councilor Hochman
  • Cruise Ship Committee - Councilor Coston (Note Councilor Dobbs is the Downtown Business Representative)
  • Ferry Service - Moved to discontinue
  • Mount Desert/Bar Harbor Joint Police Chief Sharing - Councilors Dobbs and Friedman
  • Age Friendly Committee - Councilor Noonan
  • Recycling Task Force - Councilor Minutolo
  • Parking Solutions Task Force - Councilor Hochman

The next regularly scheduled Town Council Meeting will be Tuesday, June 18th at 7PM

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