In the 1600s, did Captain Kidd stash away stolen treasure within a cave on the shores of Deer Isle? Last week The History Channel was in town to find out.

According to Island Advantages, a film crew was in town Monday, July 28th, and asked the folks at the Stonington Town Office if anyone in town could talk to them about the myth of Kidd hiding treasure on the Olmstead property in Sunset.  Walter Reed, owner of Guided Island Tours escorted the film crew around the area.

According to Reed, the myth has existed for quite some time and was enhanced in 1989 when a book titled "The Notable Lawsuit" was published.  In the book of fiction that utilizes the names of real people and places, once character sues another claiming that treasure stashed away in a shore side cave on the Olmstead property in Sunset was dug up and stolen.

The cave is real, but the film crew didn't go inside because it's on private property.

Captain William Kidd was a Scottish sailor who spent a lot of his life back in the 17th century fighting charges of piracy, which he was eventually executed for.

Reed said that the film crew from the History Channel were next on their way to Florida to track down more of the story of Captain Kidd.