Folks in the Bangor area have eagerly watched the construction of the new Cross Insurance Center on Main Street. It's big and beautiful on the outside, and now folks can attend an open house to see just how beautiful it is on the inside!

The open house will offer Mainers a look inside the new facility, that was built to replace the old Bangor Auditorium. Along with the main space that will be used for public events, like concerts and sporting events,  the building also offers meeting rooms for all sorts of gatherings. And a larger kitchen means that catering for events will be available onsite, which is different from the old auditorium.

Global Spectrum’s Tiffany Sun says there will be tours of the facility and refreshments, along with some music. Winners of Townsquare Media's talent competition will perform at the open house and will be among the first to fill the halls with music!

She says it’s a family friendly event with fun activities and even fireworks at the end of the evening. The open house will be held at the Cross Center on Main Street in Bangor on Saturday, September 14th from 3 to 8pm.