It wasn't a human life this time, but instead a young fawn was killed on the Crooked Road in Bar Harbor today, July 1st, because of the speeding traffic going on the detour out of Bar Harbor. We have seen images and stories from the Ellsworth Police Department and Hancock County Sheriff's Department of people going way to fast on Route 1A Friday night and Saturday morning

Photo Gary Allen
Photo Gary Allen

Gary Allen removed the fawn from the road while it's mother watched and moved it to a mossy area in the woods, so the mother wouldn't be run over while trying to tend towards her offspring.

The Crooked Road Detour starts at the Chart Room Restaurant and brings you into Town Hill. The road is winding and not very wide. There is one lane going both ways, and trucks and the Island Explorer buses are using this road.

I took the detour and filmed it, so you can see where you are going and share it with any visitors that may be coming to the Island this summer!

There are lots of children and baby animals along the route. It's up to all of us to pay attention, obey the speed limit and protect the citizens of Bar Harbor, both human and animal!

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