Students at the Conners-Emerson School will begin the 2020-21 school year remotely, and in preparation, parents and students will be able to meet their teachers and pick up learning devices and textbooks on Thursday, September 3rd with a rain date of Friday, September 4th.

To pick up the learning bags, parents should have signed up for a specific time (if you haven't please contact the school). Everyone will need to wear masks and to have a little fun, everyone is encouraged come dressed in your best beach attire! Wear your best beach-y, tourist-y outfits. Sport your funkiest flip-flops. Show off those super sunglasses. And you are welcome to blast a little reggae or Jimmy Buffet, decorate your car, etc... Conners-Emerson staff and teachers want to see your sunny-side show through!

If you haven't bookmarked the new Newsletter site, you should do so! You can find the latest Tiger Talk Newsletter HERE

In a recent update sent out by school messenger the school shared the following

Breakfast/ Lunch

  • We will be offering student breakfast and lunch for students.

  • Classes will rotate between the cafeteria, classroom and outside to eat their lunches.


  • Students will be in cohorts of 12-16

  • We have identified outside learning areas.

  • We will be establishing protocols for student entrance/exits.

  • We will be scheduling mask breaks throughout the day for students.

Health and Safety-

  • PPE for students and staff has arrived. We have masks for students/staff, face shields for those needing them and plenty of sanitizer.

  • We have established an isolation room for any suspected COVID cases.

  • Our HVAC system has had filters replaced twice and will be done prior to students returning to the building.

  • We have purchased air purifiers for any area not having windows which open.

  • All screens/ windows have been replaced or repaired.

  • We have disinfected, cleaned and sanitized all classrooms multiple times. We will complete another thorough cleaning prior to Sept 28th, when we hope to have all students back in school.

  • Currently, we have identified the maximum number of individuals in each space. We have used a formula of 6 sq feet per individual no matter the age.

Learning Materials-

  • Learning bags and devices will be deployed on Thursday, September 3rd with a rain date of Friday, September 4th. See above


  • Busing will run at 50% capacity or less; 1 student per seat unless from the same household.

  • Students and drivers will wear masks at all times.

  • Students will also use hand sanitizer upon entering the bus.

  • The buses will be sanitized at the end of each run.

  • Upon being dropped off at school, students will go through a quick checklist for symptoms.

Parents can help by:

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