If you're not following along with the recover of MDI's Chris Clemens you should be, as he recovers from the terrible accident on Saturday morning, February 13th in Rochester New York. Chris' mother, Sarah, is updating at least daily on his CaringBridge website.  Any words I write regarding his latest update won't do it justice....So let's just read Sarah's post

Chris is in there! I arrived at the hospital this morning and the nurse told me to come right over. She told Chris that I was there and asked him to open his eyes and look at me….and he did! Then she asked him to smile at me….and he did!! It only lasted for a second, but I am a very happy mom! His smile was one of those funny little-kid smiles where the teeth are clinched and the lips are being forced into a fake looking smile! Thank you everyone for praying for him and sending your best wishes for healing. They are working...This is a glimpse of hope!