As part of their April 1st, 2020 update, the Town of Bar Harbor updated some changes the Bar Harbor Hannaford is making to their operations, to comply with the Governors Emergency Declaration on March 31st.

In an effort to reduce exposure to COVID-19 for all, Hannaford is making changes to in-store practices.

  • At this time, reusable bags are still allowed, however management encourages the use of plastic bags as a method of reducing the risk to staff and customers alike.
  • No more than 50 people are allowed inside the store at any one time, so please limit the number of shoppers per household.
  • Carts will be washed and stored outside and there will be a queuing line outside the store that will keep customers 6 feet apart.
  • Hannaford asks that you remain behind the plexiglass while in the check out line, and to honor the 6 foot marks on the floors for personal space.
  • There are small cash boxes at each register used for exchanging cash and limiting hand to hand contact.

    Hannaford appreciates how considerate customers have been and wants to thank customers for their continued goodwill and social distancing inside the store

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