The Town of Bar Harbor has 11 plow and sanding trucks that are currently nameless and is looking for suggestions for names for these trucks!

Photo Erin Cough
Photo Erin Cough

Now before you get yourself all worked up and say "Shouldn't the Bar Harbor Town Council be working on more important things?" let us all take a deep breath and remember we've all dealt with COVID-19 for the last year, and having fun and engaging the community is an important matter!

The Bar Harbor Town Council is seeking 11 names for the plow trucks and sanding trucks that keep the roads safe in the winter. If you have a suggestion for a name, please email it to by April 15th. Names will be chosen at the April 20th Council meeting. Remember all emails to the council are public, so be appropriate in your name suggestions!

Thanks to Councilor Erin Cough for the photos and the contest! This is the post she made on Facebook

During a time of isolation, it’s good to find ways to bring the community together. As we emerge from both the snowy season and the worst (hopefully) of this Pandemic, a little light-hearted fun seems in order. The Town of Bar Harbor is asking residents for entries to name its Sanding and Snow Plow trucks. This whimsical contest comes from Scotland and has been sweeping through New England. Places in Scotland have thought of names like Grit Expectations, Gritty-Gritty Bang-Bang, and Han Snowlo. Imagine Spready Mercury and David Plowie rockin and rollin through the snow and ice to make our roads safe. The Bar Harbor Town Council will be accepting naming entries until April 15th. Entries can be emailed to Truck names will be selected and announced at the April 20, 2021 Council meeting. It will give us all another reason to be joyful when we see the trucks next winter!

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