A simple question, but think before you answer! Can a bar of soap become a passenger van? At first blush you probably think I have been drinking but I assure you not, and with your help, this bar of soap, may in fact transform into a passenger van, and one for Special Children's Friends, a preschool for special needs children in Ellsworth.

Hello! I'm Nicole and I'm the mother of five pretty incredible kids. We try to do as much as we can to enrich our community and also experience the joy of caring and sharing. In the past, we have raised money for a local animal shelter through a bake sale, made deliveries of goodie bags of donated items to a homeless shelter, collected litter along our roadsides, and more.

Now we're thinking bigger. I have a small business called Mindful Body- I create soap, lotions, salves, lip balms, and various natural health and beauty products. The kids have watched as my business has blossomed, and have spent many long days watching their mom create, label, package, and ship items all around the world. They have seen something come from nothing, so it's only fitting that we start here...

I am taking a bar of my most simple soap- Unscented Basic- and donating it for our cause. Here's what we plan to do: starting with this bar of soap, which retails for $6.50, we will slowly trade upward with willing and generous participants until we reach our end goal. What is our end goal, you may ask? A passenger van.

We are seeking to donate this van to Special Children's Friends, a preschool for special needs children that is located in Ellsworth, Maine but provides services extending beyond education, including valuable resources like case management, for several surrounding communities. Special Children's Friends is in dire need of reliable transportation to guarantee continuation of services for children. Whether it be used to bring children to services, or to bring services to children, a passenger van will be an asset to this school that provides innumerable services for an increasing number of special needs youth.

This cause has been presented to and approved by the board at SCF. While I am a new board member (for purposes of full disclosure) this is an independent project run by myself and my children. We will not profit financially in any way from this project.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask! Add our page, share our page, and join us in our quest to trade up from a bar of soap to a passenger van! Help us "Suds UP!"

Want to get involved now? Like Suds Up Face Book page. You'll see the next item up for trade. If we can get this to go viral, maybe we can make the dream come true, and get a passenger van for Special Children's Friends!