A man accused of causing a standoff in Brooksville last month is behind bars today.

According to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, following the incident, suspect Andrew Remeschatis was "transported by ambulance to a local hospital where he is being provided medical care unrelated to this incident."

Remeschatis was released from the hospital today, and into the custody of the Sheriff's Department.

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"Remeschatis has been charged with the crimes of Reckless Conduct with a firearm, Class C, Domestic Violence Terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, Class C and Criminal Mischief Class C as a result of this incident. Remeschatis was taken to the Hancock County Jail where he will remain pending his initial arraignment."

Remeschanits was apprehended following an incident on the morning of January 20, during which a call was made to authorities that a man was threatening a woman with a firearm and had allegedly shot up her car.

Members of the Hancock County Sheriff's Department arrived on the scene at a residence on the Wharf Road in Brooksville, where Remeschatis had allegedly closed himself inside the home.

After almost 12 hours, members of the Maine State Police Tactical Team were able to safely remove Remeschatis from the home and get him medical attention.

The incident took place not too far from an elementary school, so there was some police presence at the school as a precaution.

The person who initially made the call was able to get out of the home unharmed.

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