Erica Brooks, who is on the ballot for the Town Council race  in Bar Harbor on Tuesday, June 13th is asking voters to NOT vote for her. This would leave Stephen Coston, Erin Early Ward and Judie Noonan  unopposed at the municipal elections.

Here is Brook's Facebook posting.

In talking with the Town Clerk's office, anyone who is interested in being a declared write-in candidate, must sign in with the  Town Clerk's Office and be notarized. Write ins for non-declared candidates will not be counted, they will be treated as blanks. The deadline to become a declared write-in candidate is Thursday, June 8th at the end of the business day, 5 PM. Further, in addition to being one of the top 3 candidates, as voters can vote for 3, the declared write-in candidate must receive at least 25 votes.


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