Great news for those wishing to cool off on Mount Desert Island! Bar Harbor's Glen Mary Wading Pool WILL OPEN!

I drove by Glen Mary on Tuesday, June 23rd and was pleasantly surprised to see that the wading pool was being filled.

Bar Harbor's Glen Mary Wading Pool Filling June 23, 2020 Photo Chris Popper

I spoke with Suzanne at the Bar Harbor Town Hall and she explained that there was still a little work to be done before Glen Mary will open to the public. There was a little plumbing work to be done, electrical work was being done on Tuesday, and then the water needs to be treated chemically so the pool could open. But, she was hopeful that this would all be done by the end of the week or for early next week.

She did explain that there will be special COVID-19 rules regarding the use of the pool, and as soon as we have those we will share them.

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