Bar Harbor's voters supported the Citizen Petition limiting the number of cruise ship passengers and crew allowed to disembark and visit the Island when they went to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th.

With 3098 voters casting ballots, out of 5016 registered voters, (61.7% turnout)

The total was 1780 in favor of the limitations and 1273 against.

The citizen's petition organized by Charles Sidman would limit the amount of persons, (passengers and crew) who could disembark on a single calendar day and come on shore, or on any property located within the Town of Bar Harbor to 1000.

Any cruise ship that had already made reservations and been accepted by the Harbormaster prior to March 17, 2022 would be exempt.

There are widespread ramifications of the passage of the citizen's petition as it will have a direct impact on Bar Harbor's Town Budget, not to mention the threatened lawsuits should the change to the land use ordinance pass.

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