At an emergency Town Council meeting on Monday afternoon that lasted slightly longer than 4 hours, a divided council voted 4-3 to suspend all occupancy for transient accommodations, vacation rentals and campgrounds for non-essential travel effective April 8-April 30

Councilors Jeff Dobbs, Gary Friedmann, Joe Minutolo and Jill Goldthwait voted in favor while Councilors Matt Hochman, Stephen Coston and Erin Cough opposed.

Much of the discussion centered on enforcement, with Town Manager Cornell Knight saying that it was in fact enforceable, and would be talking with the Town Attorney prior to the next scheduled Council meeting on April 7th.

Non-essential travel was defined as travel by employees involved in essential businesses as defined by the Governor's emergency declaration.

Councilors also briefly discussed stopping new essential services from opening for the season, but decided not to pursue that, at this time.

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