The Bar Harbor Town Council will hold an Emergency Meeting on Monday, March 30th at 1 p.m. The meeting will be televised and live streamed.

You can watch the livestream by clicking HERE or on Spectrum Channel 1303

To see the full agenda click HERE

The Council will be briefed by Art Blank, CEO of MDI Hospital, the Emergency Team. Discussion items will include among others

  • Cruise Ship - Need to extend the April Ban or give a date by which we will discuss
  • Stopping new essential services from Opening for the season, including restaurants, lodging, and food prep. Set a date of March 24, 2020 that they would have had to be open for the season
  • Discussion about what the Council can do about non-essential businesses using loopholes in the State closure mandate to stay open
  • Acadia National Park Closure
  • A letter to visitors, residents and seasonal residents discouraging travel
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