If you are a Bar Harbor resident, and want to serve the Town, there are numerous seats on committees and boards that the Town Council needs to fill.

To be considered for appointment in the next round, in August, please submit the completed application to the Town Clerk’s office by 5 p.m. on Friday, July 29.

Application to Serve on Boards and Committees

You can read the Town Council Appointments Policy HERE

If you have questions, please call the Bar Harbor Town Clerk's office at 288-4098.

The following seats need to be filled

  • Age Friendly Committee* – Two vacancies plus two alternate member vacancies on seven-member committee
  • Appeals Board – One vacancy on six-member board
  • Board of Assessment Review – Two vacancies on five-member board
  • Communication & Technologies – One vacancy on five-member committee
  • Conservation Commission* – Four vacancies on seven-member committee
  • Cruise Ship Committee – One vacancy for Scientific Industry Representative
  • Design Review Board – Two vacancies on seven-member board
  • Harbor Committee – Two vacancies on 11-member committee
  • Housing Authority – No vacancies
  • Marine Resources Committee – No vacancies
  • Parking Solutions Task Force – Four vacancies including one Acadia National Park Representative on 13-member task force
  • Parks & Recreation Committee – One vacancy (reappointment pending)
  • Planning Board – One vacancy on seven-member board
  • Task Force on the Climate Emergency – One vacancy

*Regularly having trouble reaching a quorum for meetings

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