In the continuing saga of Permit Parking in Bar Harbor, the Town of Bar Harbor sent out a message on Friday, May 24th advising that the Permit Application software will not be available until June 5th

Town staff  are in the process of  still testing the IPS Permit Parking software and debugging the system that will be utilized for the permit application process.

Parking permit area enforcement will not be in effect until one week after the “go live” date.

Remember that resident/employee permits will not entitle the permit holder to park in metered or kiosk parking locations; those zones are strictly pay-to park. Meters and Kiosks went live May 22. To view the parking map, the ordinance and the permit policy click here.

On a side note I saw 2 of the parking enforcement personnel today, both MDI High School graduates. One told me they had already been yelled at. I wasn't sure if he was joking, but if he was serious, one shouldn't take their displeasure out on these 2, who are just doing their jobs!

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