Look, we know parking is horrendous in Bar Harbor. There are the parking meters, not enough parking spots for all the cars in the summer and early fall and West Street can be hazardous to your car mirrors.

There's even a Facebook group devoted to Bar Harbor's Parking Woes - Welcome to Bar Harbor's Parking Show. Yesterday there was a new addition to the group!

Bonspiel Photo Levi Carpenter
Bonspiel Photo Levi Carpenter

The Bonspiel out of Portsmouth New Hampshire anchored near the Bar Island Sand Bar. One would have to assume that the Captain either didn't check his/her depth or didn't have an accurate tide chart. She may have dragged her anchor or broken free from reports.

When low tide occurred at 4:21, the Bonspiel tilted starboard! Luckily they didn't have too long to wait, as high tide was at 10:12 p.m. and this morning, when I looked online she was gone.

We hope that the Bonspiel enjoyed her trip to Bar Harbor, and she will be remembered for a long time . In case you were wondering, a bonspiel is a match between curling clubs, but I'm thinking in Bar Harbor there's a new definition... Remember when that boat got Bonspieled on the sand bar? Yep...We will know what that means!

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