The Town of Bar Harbor will begin enforcing paid parking and enforcement on Sunday, May 15th and this year, it will continue through Sunday, October 30th. Parking enforcement and fees are waived on July 4th.

Meter and Kiosk parking will be enforced Monday through Saturday 9am to 8pm and on Sunday from 12pm (Noon) to 8pm.

In advance of the paid parking and enforcement, Bar Harbor residents should verify that they received a notice that their free permits were renewed the first of the year. These are vehicle specific so if you have a new vehicle you’ll need a new permit. Likewise, employees of Bar Harbor businesses, who are not residents should purchase their parking permit as well.

Parking permits do not allow you to park in areas with meters or kiosks.

Parking meters and kiosks will be operational on Sunday May 15th. You do not need to use them prior to then, even though meters and kiosks will be on the streets prior to then.

All parking permits may be obtained through the parking permit portal HERE

The Town of Bar Harbor has budgeted 1,411,500 for parking revenue through June 30th. As of March 31st the Town had taken in 1,840,635.

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