The annual Bar Harbor Open Town Meeting was held on Tuesday night, June 4th at the Conners-Emerson School. There were 135 people in attendance.

According to Town Clerk Sharon Linscott:

All school warrant articles passed as presented in the Warrant so the numbers remain unchanged.

Article R, Municipal Expenditures had 3 amendments pass and 1 amendment fail. The revised total approved by voters is $14,525,463.

Article S, Municipal Revenues had 1 amendment pass. The revised total approved by voters is $5,891,055.

This results in a net increase to the overall budget of $12,589. Finance Director Stan Harmon will figure out how that changes the proposed mil rate.

The remaining articles passed as presented.

To see the original warrant click HERE

The election of municipal officers and referendum will be voted on June 11 at the polls from 8 am to 8 pm in the Municipal Building Auditorium. The LAST DAY TO REQUEST an absentee ballot or to vote in the presence of the clerk is Thursday, June 6th. Absentee Ballots MUST be received by close of polls, 8pm on Tuesday, June 11.


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