The Bar Harbor Municipal Office Building has reopened to the public effective Monday, May 18th.

If you need to go into the Municipal Office Building you are asked to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. There are limits as to how many people are allowed in offices at any one time. The Planning and Clerk's Office allow only 1 member of the public in at a time and the Finance Office allows only 2 members of the public in at a time.

There are signs and reminders about safe social distancing and capacity limits throughout the building.

For those out and about, good news in that the public rest rooms are opening. One area of concern is the hot air hand dryers, as the force of the air can spread the COVID-19 virus. The Town is in the process of installing paper towel dispensers to replace the air hand dryers, and as that is accomplished the facilities will be open to the public,

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