Between tourist season and snowy winters Bangor drivers have enough to worry about when on the road. It doesn't help that some of our intersections cause instant headaches.

Using data collected for the 'Most Dangerous Intersections in Maine', Downtown Bangor reviews and Bangor residents' personal opinion we have determined what we think are the most hated intersections in the Queen City.

  • 1

    Burleigh/ Broadway/ Griffin Road

    This intersection was the second worst intersection in the state for 2014 according to GoLocal News, with more than 30 accidents and one fatality. This is just a very busy area with a lot of travel lanes!

  • 2

    Hammond St./ Harlow/ Exchange St.

    Easily the most confusing intersection in downtown if not all of Bangor. If you are on Hammond St. trying to turn left to go up Park St., just forget it. Those coming down the hill on State St. have the right of way and they get the green light at the same time as you, so you have to wait. Turning left in that spot in general is the worst, especially when there are no lines painted! This is a great spot to practice defensive driving.

  • 3

    Stillwater Ave./ I95

    Now that you can turn left coming off I-95 there are fewer complaints about this intersection. However complaints are still received about how long the traffic lights are and how backed up things can get during 4-6 p.m. the afternoon rush.

  • 4

    Broadway/ State St.

    This intersection can also get back up quickly during busy travel times. There are also quite a few people who walk and cross the streets in this area and there was a fatal pedestrian accident a little more than five years ago. The worst part about this intersection is the lack of signs explaining each side of the medians are one way. Although it seems like common sense to those from around here, I have been face to face with more than five cars going the wrong way on Broadway.

  • 5

    I-95 Ramps at Union/ Ohio St.

    This intersection is deceiving and looks worse than it is I think. However, if drivers are not aware of which lane has the yield sign, things could get messy. Helpful tip: Traffic coming off I-95 to Union has the right of way.