After 2 hours of public and board discussion, the AOS 91 School Board voted 9-7 to make masking optional at the AOS 91 schools effective March 9th.

Everyone will need to wear masks on Tuesday, March 8th, but as of Wednesday, March 9th, those who are comfortable, will not have to wear masks at MDI High School, Pemetic Elementary, Tremont Consolidated, Trenton Elementary, Mount Desert Elementary, Swan's Island, Frenchboro, Cranberry Island and the Conners-Emerson School. MDI High School students attending HCTC will need to wear their masks on Tuesday, March 8th, but they will be able to choose whether to wear their masks or not effective Wednesday, March 9th. This will apply to transportation on the AOS 91 buses as well.

Should the transmission levels rise, masking may be required in the future.

Here is the exact motion that was approved at the Special Board Meeting

That the mask requirement in all AOS 91 member schools be repealed effective March 9, 2022, and become optional. Member schools will continue to supply masks and other PPE to staff and students who wish to wear them for the remainder of the school year. I further move that the the board authorize the superintendent to use mandatory masking as a mitigation strategy, for a limited time across the AOS or for specific schools, spaces, or activities, in the future, if he deems it necessary, in consultation with public health experts and the CDC, in order to keep schools open and to maintain student and staff safety.

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