Attention older kids and parents of older kids. Check out this opportunity of a lifetime in one of America's greatest places!

Acadia National Park posted to Facebook on Friday that they are looking to hire young adults, ages 15 to 18, to not only take in the beautiful sights and sounds of Maine's amazing Acadia National Park, but also help take care of the park.

A Job of a Lifetime

Acadia is looking to hire a group of nature-loving individuals for an 8-week, non-residential, opportunity to help maintain and conserve the National Park while forging new friendships with teamwork and building real-life skills.

The youth hired will become part of the Acadia Youth Conservation Corp and is a group of 16 high school students that get to be led by four Acadia National Park leaders. The hired students will be working on the park from June 20th - August 12th.

Acadia Youth Conservation Corp

According to, this group will help the crews of Acadia National Park by reconstructing, creating improvements of the park, and other hands-on projects to make the National Park the wonder that it is:

"The Corps provides essential help to the Acadia National Park trail crew, making visible improvements to Acadia’s trails and carriage roads, reconstructing stone drainages and retaining walls, clearing vistas, cutting wood at campgrounds, and assisting wherever else needed."

Requirements for the Positions

Taking a look at the application, there are some requirements to consider before applying for the position:

  1. Be at least 15 years of age, and not have reached 19 years of age during the term of employment.
  2. Be a permanent resident of the United States or its territories or possessions.
  3. Have a Social Security number or have made application to obtain one.
  4. Has a desire to work in the outdoors and become involved in the development and maintenance of the National natural resources.
  5. Have no history of serious criminal or antisocial behavior that might create safety problems.
  6. Be able to participate in the various work and training projects of the AYCC program. Disabled youth, who with reasonable accommodations can perform the essential functions of the AYCC program, are also eligible.
  7. Be able to obtain parental or legal guardian consent to enroll in the program.

Applications are currently being accepted until March 30th. Visit for more information and set your sights on a life-changing summer!

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