Ellsworth School Resource Officer Amie Torrey has been in conversation with me the past week, about how to get a message to the Ellsworth High School Class of 2020. I suggested she write it, and I would post it on the WDEA website. Amie thought that was a great idea and here it is....

To the Ellsworth High School Class of 2020,

I first want to tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you!!!  You have gone through so much this year and still you are handling it with grace and dignity.  I am so proud to have been your SRO for three years.  Time sure did fly by while we were having fun!!

Every year seeing my seniors graduate gets harder and harder.  This year especially because I can’t be there to hug you all before you walk to the stage to get your diploma.  Just know that I will be thinking of each of you and wishing you the best of luck and know that you will do great things if you put your mind to them.

I have enjoyed coaching some of you, being there if you just needed to talk, developed a killer hand shake, fist bumps, high fives, hugs, I love yous, the dances (along with the comments on how do I know the music you guys know) and the usual “I know I know Amie” or “mom”.  You made my job, most days, so much fun and the best part of my career in law enforcement.  I just hope that I made your time at EHS while I was there just a fraction of the fun and memorable as you made it for me.  I will miss the conversations and yes some that I never want to remember!! EVER!! But I am so glad I had that time with you guys.  You have grown into such amazing and strong young men and women!!

Now go out and prove me right when I get to brag to everyone about how my students are the best!! I love you all and remember I am just a phone call away.

Love always,

Officer Amie Torrey

School Resource Officer

Ellsworth Police Department

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