Dear Members of the Ellsworth Varsity Baseball and Softball Teams

I want you to know how proud I am of all the members of the Teams that got up early on Saturday morning, May 14th to participate in the Ellsworth Little League Opening Ceremonies.

You may not know it, although I bet you do after yesterday, but these members of the Little League Teams think of you as gods! They want to be like you when they grow up! They come to your games, and cheer you on, and for you to get up early on a Saturday morning after playing 4 games in the past week, means a lot to them, their parents and the community!

You may or not remember 5 or 7 years ago when you were their age, but for them to run through the "tunnel of players" high-fiving as they went means so much to them! I'm sure they were talking about it all night with their parents.

And kudos to those of you who were umpiring or are helping out coaching!

Just as I'm proud of you, I'm proud of the MDI Basketball Teams when they get up early Saturday morning, after playing Friday night and work with the future Trojans! For these "littles" to get hands on instructions from their idols, well it's as if Jayson Tatum were giving hands on instructions to you!

It's so nice to see the "circle" coming around! Please continue to give back! Please continue to make good decisions! Please continue to be shining examples to the young and old of our community!

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