There's certain things that people from away are always asking us.  Maybe it's that sales person on the phone who's trying to sell you something, or, maybe it's a relative who lives half-way across the country who asks something that you've heard too many times before.

Anyway, here's what I'm sick of hearing.

If I've missed something, then please add it to the COMMENTS section below.


  • 1

    Do you know Stephen King?

    Yes, he and I went shopping for shoes the other day, at the mall in Derry.

    by Larry French/Getty Images
  • 2

    Do you have snow up there yet?

    Yes. So much so that this morning I climbed out of the second story window to make my way to the sled dog team, and they weren't happy to see me.

  • 3

    Isn't there a big park up there?

    Yes there is!  It's called Funtown Splashtown, and it's in Saco.  Just take the monorail to get there.

    There's also a smaller one on Mt. Desert, but the monorail doesn't go there.


    Irina Belousa
  • 4

    Do you like lobster?

    Not especially, but thankfully thousands of people from New York do.

  • 5

    How do you get to....

    Stop right there!  You can't get there from here.

  • 6

    Do you get to Canada often?

    I remember once crossing the border just to buy fried chicken, but not anymore!  Who wants to mess with a passport? Not me.  And, I hate being stared at suspiciously by a border patrol agent, I get enough of that at home from my wife.

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • 7

    Isn't there a big beach up there? What's it called, Old Orchard?

    No, that's in Quebec.  Just check the license plates out in the parking lot.

    Paula Stephens
  • 8

    Can you get me a deal on boots from L.L. Bean??

    Sure, and believe it or not, I can also get you a great deal on spring water from Poland. I have a cousin over there.

    DJ Fred and Michael N. Todaro/Getty Image