The #2 Bucksport Golden Bucks Football Team beat the #7 Ellsworth Eagles 60-6 on Friday night, October 20th, in the 8-Man Northern Maine Small School Quarterfinals, held at Bucksport High School.

The game was scoreless until 2:36 left in the 1st Quarter when Ayden Maguire completed a 53 yard pass to Connor Fitch for a touchdown. With the 2-point conversion good, Bucksport led 8-0.

Bucksport scored twice more in the 1st Quarter. Gavyn Holyoke intercepted Thomas Jude's pass and returned it for 40 yards and a pick-6 touchdown. Then after forcing a fumble, Ayden Maguire galloped in from 44 yards out. Both times the Golden Bucks converted the 2-point conversion, and Bucksport led 24-0 at the end of the 1st Quarter.

In the 2nd Quarter Bucksport outscored Ellsworth 22-6 to take a 46-6 lead at the end of the 1st Half.

Ayden Maguire completed a 17 yard pass to Kamryn Webber for a touchdown. With the 2-point conversion the Golden Bucks led 32-0.

Ellsworth scored their lone points with 5:18 left in the 1st Half when Ripley Strout scored from 60 yards out. The 2-point conversion was no good, and Bucksport led 32-6.

Ayden Maguire then completed 2 touchdown passes before the Half ended. With 4:16 left, Maguire threw a 69 yard bomb to Connor Fitch and then with no time left in the Half, completed a 16 yard pass to Gavyn Holyoke.

At the Half, Bucksport led 46-6.

The 2nd Half was played in running time

Bucksport scored twice more, both times on Ayden Maguire's touchdown passes. There was the 48 yard touchdown pass to Gavyn Holyoke and the 29 yard touchdown pass to Connor Fitch.

Ellsworth finishes the season 1-7.

Bucksport, now 6-2 will host Stearns on Friday, October 27th in the 8-man North Small School Semifinals.




  • Ripley Strout 8 carries 75 yards
  • Josiah James-Chin 12 carries 53 yards
  • Dan Carter 4 carries 3 yards


  • Ayden Maguire 10 carries 89 yards
  • Kamryn Webber 9 carries 49 yards
  • Ronan Maguire 8 carries 24 yards
  • Gavyn Holyoke 1 carry 9 yards
  • Kasey Findlay 1 carry 3 yards



  • Thomas Jude 1-4 5 yards, 1 Interception
  • Wyl Renwick 1-3 3 yards


  • Ayden Maguire 12-15 349 yards 6 Touchdowns



  • Josiah James-Chin 1 reception 5 yards
  • Andy Herrick 1 reception 3 yards


  • Connor Fitch 3 receptions 151 yards
  • Eli Bennett 4 receptions 86 yards
  • Gavyn Holyoke 2 receptions 64 yards
  • Kamryn Webber 3 receptions 48 yards
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