The Penobscot Valley Athletic Conference released their 2023 All-Conference and All-Academic Volleyball Teams. Congratulations to all!

1st Team All-Conference 

  • Ellsworth - Olivia Harmon
  • Narraguagus - Autumn Peterson and Allison Fraser
  • Washington Academy - Kellan Schwinn, Lily Hennessey and Reese Crosman'

2nd Team All-Conference

  • Calais - Kate McPhee, Jonna Travis
  • GSA - Amelia Jackson
  • MDI - Hailey Vogel
  • Narraguagus - Kaitlyn Lee and Nevaeh Schoppe

3rd Team All-Conference

  • Ellsworth - Ava Van Dorn
  • Jonesport-Beals - Rachel Crowley
  • MDI - Lauren Davis and Sharyn Lipski
  • Sumner - Brenda Vazquez
  • Washington Academy - Autumn Balyint
  • PVC Player of the Year - Autumn Peterson - Narraguagus
  • Coach of the Year - Corey Schwinn - Washington Academy

All-Academic Team

  • Ellsworth - Sara Moseley, Olivia Harmon, Ava Van Dorn, Brooke Pirie and Charly Weaver
  • GSA - Olivia Larrabee
  • Jonesport-Beals - Leah Beal, Rachel Crowley, Makayla Merchant, Kianna Emerson and Mackenzie Urban
  • Lee Academy - Trinity Smith
  • MDI - Molly Redgate, Denali Wagstaff, Sharyn Lipski, Maya Watson and Hailey Vogell
  • Narraguagus - Lucy Berry, Emma Fraser, Kaitlyn Lee and Autumn Peterson
  • Sumner - Emily Burrill
  • Calais - Kaitlin Morrell, Jonna Travis, Shealynn Stevens, Bailey O’Rourke
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