We all know how the lobster industry is taking a beating, and they need our support more than ever. The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce is planning a holiday program that will offer a new, festive "tree" for the town, that will hopefully encourage community involvement and support the local fishermen and fisherwomen. The tree will be made of buoys purchased and decorated by the community. Proceeds will go to the Maine Lobstermen Association's effort to protect Maine's lobstering heritage.

Blank buoys are available for purchase for $20.00 at the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce's Administrative Office in the basement of the Town Hall at 93 Cottage Street or at the Visitor Center at 2 Cottage Street. Buoys will also be available at the Bar Harbor Early Bird Pajama Sale and Bed Races on November 12th. Fisherman and Fisherwomen can bring their own buoys to be on the tree at no cost to them. Businesses can select a sponsorship option that woudl provide local students with buoys to paint.

Decorated buoys need to be returned to the Chamber's Administrative Office no later than November 23rd.Once returned, participants will be entered into a raffle for a cash prize of $500. A tree lighting ceremony (different than the Village Green tree lighting ceremony on December 2nd) will be held on Wednesday, November 30th at 4:30 p.m.

Guidelines for Decorating your Buoy

  • The use of acrylic or enamel paint is recommended.
  • Please keep the buoys Family Friendly and refrain from political statements and profanity.
  • Stuck for an idea? Here are some suggestions - Your favorite place on MDI; In remembrance of a family member; A family buoy; Holiday themed; Something that represents you or the Community.
  • Make it Fun and Colorful
  • These buoys will be outside during the harsh winter months
  • They will be secured on the tree in a way where only 1 side of the buoy will be visible

Questions? Give the Chamber a call at 207-801-2566

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