If you purchase a 2021 Acadia National Park Pass, whether it be for this year's use, or in December at half price for the 2022 season you'll be amazed at the beautiful picture on the cover!

Acadia National Park via Facebook
Acadia National Park via Facebook

The cover photo was taken by  Ashley Conti, who is the Acadia Digital Media Team Coordinator for Friends of Acadia. Ashley used to work for the Bangor Daily News, and I was in awe of her abilities of capturing images of basketball games and other events that we would both be at!

According to the Acadia National Park Facebook post, the image captures a sunset view on January 3rd from Pemetic Mountain as a fog hangs over Penobscot Mountain.

Passes are required to be displayed on every vehicle entering Acadia National Park from May through October. Annual Park Passes are available at the Sand Beach entrance beginning on May 1st and are $55.00.

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