Congratulations to Leslie Dunton of Bar Harbor who landed a calico colored lobster aboard the F/V MMMMoolah on Monday  August 14th. He might want to go buy a Megabucks and Powerball Ticket for Wednesday's drawing! .

Finding a blue lobster is a 1-in-2 million chance, according to the Lobster Institute at UMaine

Photo Courtesy - Abe Philbrook
Photo Courtesy - Abe Philbrook

We have all seen cooked red lobsters. Have you ever seen a live red lobster? Probably not! The chances of seeing a live red lobster are 1 in 10 million.

The odds of finding a calico lobster, is 1 in 30 million, the same as finding a yellow lobster.

The rarest? The rarest lobster is an albino lobster! The chances of landing an albino lobster is 1 in 100 million!

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