I know the ocean is warm because of the hot July and August we have but seriously?

Photo Mike Billings

Mike Billings landed this red lobster on Friday, August 11th. I have seen blue lobsters and a calico lobster, but never an uncooked red lobster!

Finding a blue lobster is a 1-in-2 million chance, according to the Lobster Institute at UMaine

Photo Courtesy - Abe Philbrook

The chances of seeing a live red lobster are 1 in 10 million.

The odds of finding a calico lobster, is 1 in 30 million, the same as finding a yellow lobster.

Photo Sara Carroll

The rarest? The rarest lobster is an albino lobster! The chances of landing an albino lobster is 1 in 100 million!

Here are some more photos of Mike Billing's red lobster!

Photo Mike Billings
Photo Mike Billings