Today, Democrats across the state came together to vote for their party's nominee for President.

From Kittery to Fort Kent, turnout has been reported to be unusually high. In Portland alone, thousands of voters stretched in line for blocks around Deering High School. At 3pm, more than 5,000 people were estimated to be in line waiting to vote, and some estimates were even higher. Many voters waited up to 6 hours in line to vote in Portland, where party organizers essentially converted the caucus process into a primary, by allowing voters to fill out absentee ballots and leave.

According to WCSH6 on Twitter, Maine State Senator Justin Alfond will submit a bill in the legislature to return Maine to a primary election process, replacing the current caucus system.

Turnout was also higher than expected in Bangor, where Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton, 317 to 677.