A little known fact, before moving to Bangor, I was on the Block Island Volunteer Fire Department. I drove the ambulance, had people die on me, and helped put out a huge fire that destroyed a popular restaurant, Ballards on Block Island, Rhode Island.

Last night, the Island's volunteer fire departments, as well as those from Lamoine,Trenton and Hancock came out in force trying to save Cap'n Nemos. Ellsworth firefighters moved to other stations to cover firefighters who were in Bass Harbor. The  firefighters fought the fire valiantly, and bravely, and even though the restaurant was a total loss, they protected nearby buildings despite the lack of water, and cold temperatures. No firefighter was injured in the process.The police departments, dispatchers, public works crews and Bangor Hydro line crews all played key roles last night.

This morning, many of the firefighters who were up most of the night, went to their day jobs. They are tired, sore and sad that Cap'n Nemos was totaled. On behalf of the community I want to publicly thank them for their efforts. Volunteers are the backbone of a community, and our volunteer firefighters performed admirably!