If your thumb ever starts to hurt after using your smartphone, well, international mobile carrier O2  thinks it is time to think about strengthening your thumb muscles! With their  'Fit for 4G' campaign they created a miniature weight has been designed to help you i do just that. It’s called the “Thumb-bell” and was designed after research revealed that millions of us suffer thumb pain because of too much gadget use.

Forty-three percent of people have had thumb pain in the last five years.  Over half of us say our thumbs get tired when we use our smartphone, and 41 percent have to rest our thumbs when using our mobile.

Top tips for thumb health:

  • Rest your forearms whenever you can
  • Use a light touch on the keypad of your computer and phone
  • Don’t grip your phone too hard
  • Keep your nails short
  • Use a touch screen
  • Watch your neck position as your neck is connected to your thumb muscles
  • See a hand therapist if you get thumb pain or other symptoms