I was sent this from my friend, the "Modern Philosopher".

Broderick “Bronco” St. Germaine did not become a multimillionaire by just sitting back and resting on his laurels like most lazy Frenchmen do.  Instead, he has worked furiously to turn his family’s Maine based shovel manufacturing company into a powerhouse of the shoveling world.

The CEO of St. Germaine Shovels (“St. Germaine Rhymes With Maine!” is the company’s goofy, but famous slogan) and famed self-promoter, today announced that he has personally buried a treasure chest somewhere in Maine.  To help with the search, all St. Germaine Shovels are currently on sale and every one of them has a piece of a treasure map hidden under the shovel’s shrink wrap.


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So what do you think? Want to go treasure hunting? Would you buy a St. Germaine shovel?