After failing miserably in trying to block some spikes from MDI's Volleyball Team, and failing even worse in a free throw contest against Madison Card of Ellsworth, I thought, I would try hitting against MDI's Thomas Paola! Paola is the ace of the MDI Trojans, he threw a no-hitter last year. The MDI Trojans were at Slugger's in Brewer on Thursday April 9th, and WDEA's Chris Popper attempted to hit off of him!

Thomas was NOT on a mound and he was grooving him in there, as I begged him not to hit me, or even brush me back! After watching a couple of strikes whiz by me, I swung and hit a couple of dribblers, but as Coach Mike Swanson "kindly" pointed out, my front leg was bailing out of the batter's box, and luckily I don't think you could see I swung once with my eyes closed!

Although I hit a few, I know I'd never come close to hitting off Thomas in a game, or if he was throwing his hardest off a mound! Victory... Paola!

I'm still going to try and hit off the MDI softball pitchers, and watch out Ellsworth pitchers.. I'm gunning for you too!

Thanks to Riley Mooers for filming!